Atmos Astra Vaporizer

The Astra portable vaporizer is a convection vaporizer that uses 5 different temperature control settings to effectively let you choose the amount of control you have to your herbs, concentrates, waxes, wax shatter effectively with purity. This is a true vape with no combustion and the strongest durability as the stainless steel outer shell and the iron cast temperature ring will prevent any type of damage dealt to the outer frame of the vaporizer. The Adjustable temperature control settings will have it to where you can adjust temperatures between (356 – 428 Fahrenheit) at 5 different levels. The Astra is just under 7″ inches where you’ll be able to fit this unit in your pocket anywhere you go as it’s a very small portable unit capable of holding .4 grams of materials that you place in the stainless steel cups. The all glass heating chamber makes your vaporization pure and combustion free as there are no coils. The powerful 2000mAH Lithium Ion 2000 Battery allows the user to vape over 2 days without charging the unit. The Astra comes with a 1 year warranty and comes with all the accessories you need to effectively vaporize any type of material you desire.


*Please call ahead to individual store for availability*