Seeking Wellness Every Day

At S.W.E.D. we are dedicated to providing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products, accessories and service, in order to enhance the lives of our patients.

Evidence demonstrates the healing powers of cannabis, as well as its ability to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and promote better sleep in ways chemically manufactured pharmaceuticals cannot. We at S.W.E.D. promote the recognition of cannabis as a viable and safe medicinal alternative for an array of conditions and illnesses. We do so by providing high-quality, safe products, and guidelines for use, backed by research and customer testimonials, in a supportive and caring environment. In our dispensaries, we maintain an atmosphere of professionalism, compassion, security, and privacy.

We aim to set a new industry standard for customer service in the medicinal cannabis industry. We achieve this by understanding our customers, addressing their needs and ensuring they have safe and comfortable experiences with medicinal cannabis. Moreover, we ensure that we provide only the highest grade medicinal cannabis and guidelines for use. All of our staff are rigorously trained and well versed on each and every product on our shelves, as well as being up to date on current research surrounding the chemical compounds that these products contain.

We work hard to eliminate the negative stigmas attached to cannabis, dispensaries and people in need. In the end, our efforts help keep our local communities safe, clean, and peaceful.